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Wi-Fi network eduroam

You can use your Tilburg University username and password to access the wireless (WiFi) network called eduroam. 

To access eduroam you need to use a different username then your regular Tilburg University username.

To connect with eduroam you need to add to your regular username ( Your password stays the same. Because many institutions use eduroam it is not enough when you only fill in your Tilburg University username. The institution where you work or study must be recognized as participating institution.

Manual WiFi eduroam

Need help with installing Wi-Fi? A eduroam manual is available for addtional information.

Technical aspects

There are two ways to access Tilburg University Wireless. With the TTLS protocol via SecureW2 and with the PEAP protocol via Microsoft Windows. It is also possible to get access to Tilburg University Wireless via another client (e.g. the software that belongs to your network card). However, this will not be supported by LIS.

Microsoft Windows uses the PEAP protocol, which has the advantage of that it is already installed in Windows. You don't have to install any extra software yourself.

SecureW2 uses the TTLS protocol, which has the following advantages:

  • During the authentication, the username is protected for others.
  • TTLS has a large diversity of encryption methods with authentication available via the PEAP protocol. This increases safe internet use.

Server certificates

The server certificates make sure the client checks if you authenticate indeed with a Tilburg University authentication server. So you are sure that your username and password are being delivered to the right (authentication) server.

Change Tilburg University username & password

Please bear in mind that once you've changed your Tilburg University username and/or password, you also have to change the WiFi credentials on your mobile devices (e.g. smartphones and tablets).