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Kences Housing Survey

Published: 02nd April 2020 Last updated: 06th April 2020

Student housing is an important subject. Even in times of the corona crisis, housing agencies in the Netherlands are looking for improvements for student rooms to build in the future. Together, they want to do something to make sure the improvements are in line with what students want. For that, they need you help!

How to participate?

To participate in the survey, please go to: The questionnaire consists of about 40 questions and takes about 10 minutes

Why participate?

Your answers will ensure housing agencies are aware of the housing preferences of students. With the information they get out of this survey, they can take these preferences into account while building new student rooms. So, you are helping students who will look for a (new) student room in the future. And off course, you also help yourself a little bit, since a check worth €400,- will be raffled among participants of the survey!

Background information about the survey

This survey is carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs, universities of applied sciences and universities. They will build affordable student rooms and will be happy to take into account the preferences of students. For this, they will use your answers to the questions in the survey. Your answers will be processed anonymously in the student housing monitor. Then, this knowledge is used to determine the required number and type of student housing and to adjust the building plans accordingly for the coming years.

The questionnaire will remain active up to April 24. After the summer the result will become available on the website