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TiSEM students participate in Milgard School of Business Case Competition

Published: 25th February 2020 Last updated: 27th February 2020

Four TiSEM students will participate in the 9th Milgard School of Business Case Competition on Leadership & Social Responsibility in Tacoma (Seattle, USA) on Friday, February 28. In this business case competition, teams from various universities will join battle on a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) case. In total, 19 teams participate, from universities world-wide. Tilburg University is the only European participant. The jury consists of professionals from Microsoft, Starbucks, and Boeing, among other companies.

The students (Vera van Koetsveld, Alec Jadon, Mike Weltevrede, and Maria Sanchez Valbuena) were selected from among 40 applications, based on their profile and because they complemented each other well. The case that they need to solve is on sustainable leadership, the details of which they received on February 21 . Then they have 72 hours to prepare their presentation. The four team members will spend these 72 hours in the library.

All teams will present their solutions in person to the jury on the campus of the University of Washington, Tacoma, on Friday, February 28.

case competition

The team received hoodies from the Vice-Dean for Education, Jeroen Kuilman. Left to right: Jeroen Kuilman, Alec Jadon, Maria Sanchez Valbuena, Vera van Koetsveld, and Mike Weltevrede.


To help the four students prepare optimally, they did three workshops on our campus on topics of their own choice.

With our new team hoodies in hand, gifted to us generously by Dr. Jeroen Kuilman, our team was finally complete and ready to compete. Throughout the duration of our 3-hour meeting, our team, under the guidance of drs. Kim van Geijn-Cramer, covered a wide range of topics dealing with the various aspects of the competition taking place in Tacoma, Washington. Our team, which is made up of very diverse thinkers, from different programs and backgrounds, was focused on developing our skills dealing with our ability to think from different perspectives. Though this is just the beginning of the process, our team have every confidence in our abilities and we are ready to represent the excellent institution of Tilburg University in a global setting.

Alec Jadon on session 1

The objective of the session was to discuss the questions and concerns we have regarding the preparatory material and the case competition. For instance, we discussed the final travel itinerary and the schedules of the next meetings. Additionally, we carried out some activities to understand our group dynamics, such as practicing situations with the Bono thinking hats methodology, or solving some puzzles to understand convergent, divergent and lateral thinking.

Maria Sanchez Valbuena on session 1

During our second preparation session, the team gathered to talk about the strategy we would use when we are given the details of the case on Friday morning. In our opinion, it is important to identify the problem as quickly as possible, as well as the objectives of the party submitting the case (profit, social relevance, etcetera). Subsequently, we can apply various analysis methods, such as a stakeholder analysis. We have briefly applied this idea to an old case on British Petroleum.

Mike Weltevrede on session 2 and 3

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The students will be in Seattle from Tuesday to Friday, February 25-29. They will do various takeovers on our Instagram account.