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Alumna Brenda Adoyo starts Venus Cups project in Kenya

Brenda Adoyo from Kenya has a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences and a Master’s in Strategic management. She graduated in March 2017. Two years ago, and still a student at the time at Tilburg University, Brenda started the Menstrual Cup project in Kenya.

Access to hygiene products being limited and the products themselves being expensive, girls and women in Kenya during their periods tend to take recourse to unsanitary methods, such as using mattress filling, leaves and rags. Brenda is Kenyan and grew up there, and consequently is familiar with this struggle. She wants to make a difference for the young girls there.

“A large number of girls in the Kenyan villages miss out on school because they have nothing they can use during their periods. As a result, they choose to stay home, which leads to them dropping out of school, high teen pregnancy rates, and in some cases horrible diseases. No woman should miss out on school because of something so natural as having your period. It is simply not acceptable!”

The menstrual cup (Venus Cup) is a feminine hygiene product made out of medical grade silicone. It is 100% degradable, cost-effective and sustainable. One cup can be used for up to 10 years. That is why she not only wants to introduce it in Keya, but also into to the Dutch market. Over the years, this will considerably reduce the environmental impact of sanitary pads and tampons.

The team at Venus Cups consists of four students from Tilburg University, with Brenda Adoyo as team leader. For more information, go to: