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Playboy's Postfeminism Problem

Hugh Hefner has passed Playboy's reigns to his son, 25-year old Cooper Hefner, but a fresh set of eyes in the creative lead at Playboy does not, unfortunately, mean any sort of victory for women.

The gentleman’s lifestyle magazine and brand has had a tumultuous 18 months in which they announced the removal of nude photographs, a choice which the young Hefner was opposed to from the start yet seemed to be a successful decision in the first months, and later reversed the change under Cooper Hefner’s newly instated creative leadership. Cooper Hefner claims the reinstatement of nudity has helped the brand and magazine to 'reclaim' their 'identity', and, bizarrely and problematically, he has done so under the guise of feminism.

A contribution by Julie Peters, master's student Art, Media and Society on Diggit Magazine.