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Basak Demirci winner Prof J. van Dijck Best MA Thesis OS

During the Graduation Day Master Organization Studies 2018 about 80 graduates received their diploma. One of them, Basak Demirci, won the 2018 Prof Jules van Dijck Best Master Thesis award, entitled ‘For-profit social enterprises: How organizational design influences the value creation process’, supervised by Dr. Stefan Cloudt.

Organizational design

Stefan: “The thesis deals with a topic that is close to the core of the field of organization studies: organizational design. Which is one of the criteria that had been used to evaluate all nominated theses. The study contributes to the fields of social enterprises and hybrid organizations, which are close to the research profile of the Department Organization Studies. The thesis also contributes to a long standing debate on performance measurements of social enterprises by shifting its attention to the value creating process instead of outcomes. The thesis furthermore contains a well-executed qualitative comparative case study, very systematic analyses leading to propositions for future research. In the end it is the total package that makes this thesis exceptional.”

Basak Demirci

Highly motivated student

Stefan: “Basak is a highly motivated student. Having a background in engineering and finance, took her quite some effort to study 'the human side of things' like we do at Organization Studies. For example the social research methods we use were not that familiair to her. And she was also very dedicated to her thesis. She used her own, well developed, network to acquire five local organizations to conduct interviews for her study. Given her background as an international student, that is also an achievement. In many ways Basak has developed herself enormously last year.”