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Open Access at Tilburg University - Open up your Research

The International Open Access Week is an annual event to highlight the importance and opportunities of Open Access and related topics. This year LIS made a short video about Open Access at Tilburg University.

In this video about Open Access, Koen Becking (President of the Executive Board), Corno Vromans (Director Library and IT Services) and four researchers, Floortje Mols, Frank Bosman, Chris Hartgerink and Bart van der Sloot explain what Open Access means for them. We hope this video helps other researchers to embrace Open Access and choose for Open Access publications.

The principles of Open Access

The four researchers in the video are in the start or prime of their career, the phase in which they can make most impact. All of them firmly believe in the principles of Open Access and what it can do for their academic careers and society at large. They speak out their own ideas and vision on Open Access and hope to stimulate other early career researchers at Tilburg University. Koen Becking explains why Open Access is a natural element of Tilburg University’s slogan Understanding Society and Corno Vromans speaks about the support offered by LIS.

More information about Open Access can be found on Tilburg University’s Open Access Information Point: