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TEP Sounding Board Group: ‘Tilburg University needs TiU-shaped teachers to train TiU-shaped students.’

On October 10, the Tilburg Educational Profile (TEP) sounding board group had their first meeting. The group, consisting of alumni, lecturers and students, came together to hold the TEP up to the light. The participants came up with some valuable insights. Below is a brief description of the most important points.


  • A new educational profile will have to meet several criteria. The programs will have to provide students with a broad and sound educational grounding. Higher education is characterized by training its students to understand and provide insight into complex (societal) issues. Above all, it needs to offer quality at all times.
  • The university should implement the new educational profile in such a way that it reflects its identity, its history, and its legacy, following from the ideas put forward by Cobbenhagen.
  • To educate students to become TiU-shaped professionals (T-shaped professional + character), Tilburg University also needs its lecturers to be TiU-shaped teachers. It is only with teachers that largely reflect this vision that we can truly educate TiU-shaped professionals.
  • Small-scale classes are one of the spearheads of the new educational profile. This makes it imperative that we guard against Tilburg University’s growth target of 20,000 students becoming a threat to the intimate character of the university campus. This increase in the number of students can put pressure on the envisioned small-scale character of the classes.
  • Students should experience a sense of unity at Tilburg University. Student- and study associations can contribute to this.
  • In the educational profile, the emphasis should be on ‘acting’. Students should concern themselves actively with ethical issues on the basis of real-life cases. In this, personal contact with and coaching by teachers is indispensable. Another thing that students need to engage in is self-reflection, to become aware of their own (future) role in society.
  • To be able to make the right decisions in a complex world one cannot do without ethical awareness. Students need to be activated, inspired, and sometimes forced to develop this to truly become engaged in the subject matter, and to develop good character. Our aspiration should be to offer educational programs that involve acquiring competence as well as conscious character building, resulting in students doing the right thing, even if this is not appreciated or even noticed at all.

Members of the sounding board group: Huub Dekkers, (CINOP | CINOP Global | ECBO), Erik Koster (AKD), Lenie van Lieverloo (KPC Groep), Diogo Pereira Dias Nunes (Philips Lighting), Mireille ten Wolde (YOBZ), Lina Segers (Asset), Stijn de Kort (Magister JFT), Sander Jacobs (Student Assessor MT TSB), Geert van Boxtel (TSB), Gerwin van der Laan (TiSEM/UCT), Carel van Wijk (TSH), Inge van de Ven (TSH), Dries Deweer (TSH), Stefan Gärtner (TST), Annemeike Tan (TEP project group), Jens Thomaes (TEP project group), Hein Coppes (TEP project group), Gerard van Assem (TEP project group).

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