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Workers’ voice in listed companies

The financial and economic crisis has undermined faith in the orthodoxy that the stock market is the best yardstick to measure company value. Is it time to think afresh about governance of the company and its proper role in society and the economy?

Does a stakeholder value approach offer a sustainable alternative, with its emphasis on companies’ responsibilities for different groups both inside and outside the firm? Should employees themselves, as key stakeholders in any firm, be automatically entitled to a voice in governance through direct participation at board room level?

Or can we envisage an enlightened approach to corporate governance that balances conventional shareholder profit goals with broader stakeholder engagement in decision-making? These are the question raised in a panel debate on 23 March 2017 in Dublin. Jan Cremers (Tilburg University) participated in the panel that is broadcasted and can be viewed online: Watch Back: TASC Discussion: Shareholders or Stakeholders?