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Join the Peace Dinner at International Center Tilburg on December 25

The International Center Tilburg organizes a Peace Dinner on December 25 to celebrate life, share hapiness and connect to others.

The International Center Tilburg is a center that offers a place for internationals where they can easily be welcomed. The International Center was born from the idea that Tilburg needs a place where internationals can go to when they have questions, for practical issues, a simple cup of coffee or where they can participate in joint activities, without any obligations and completely free! It doesn’t matter if you’re an expat, immigrant or student: everyone is welcome at International Center! We are not an end station, but a starting base. You are always welcome, for as long and as often as you want! So, we don’t just offer help, we also organize multiple fun group activities, such as movie nights, music nights, walks, cultural visits and workshops.

For information about and signing up for the dinner, go to the website of the International Center Tilburg.