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Where can I go if I have a complaint or if I am not satisfied?

Everyone at Tilburg University does their utmost to make sure everything runs smoothly and fairly. Nevertheless, you may feel dissatisfied with certain facilities or the way you have been treated. You may disagree with certain decisions, such as the grade received for an exam.

Your first point of contact if you have a complaint is your Educational Coordinator (Academic Advisor). He or she can help you find a solution, or refer you to the right people or institutions.

After contacting your Education Coordinator, it is possible to make use of the established complaints, objections and appeal procedures.

  • To file an informal or formal complaint, you can  go directly to the Central Complaints Desk.
  • If you are confronted with unacceptable behavior, such as sexual harassment, bullying, aggression, violence, or discrimination, you can call in the help of one of the confidential advisors.