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How can I buy a laptop or software (e.g., Microsoft Office or SPSS) at a discount?

As a student, you can buy Microsoft Office packages, Windows 10, Adobe Creative Cloud, SPSS Statistics, anti-virus software, and a lot more at large discounts via the not-for-profit  SURFspot webshop! Moreover, they offer laptops and tablets at a discount.

SURFspot is a not-for-profit ICT webshop with special educational discounts on software, cloud services  online learning tools, and hardware. The online shop is only accessible to students and staff in Dutch vocational and higher education, so also to Tilburg University students.
So do you need programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Windows 10, SPSS, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Soofos, Parallels, Corel, Coosto, or anti-virus software for your studies or for private use? Or do you want to buy a laptop or tablet at a discount?

Check out what’s on offer at