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Hospitals in Tilburg

Tilburg has two hopitals.

ETZ Elisabeth

(located in the south of Tilburg)

ETZ TweeSteden

(located in the north of Tilburg)

Hospital card and health insurance card

Should you need to pay a medical visit to a hospital, you must have a hospital card. This card is created by the administrative staff at the hospital before you see a specialist. You can always find a reception desk near the entrance. Once you have your own hospital card, you should use it for all subsequent hospital visits. Bring your health insurance card as well.

Make sure you are well and in time insured! See detailed information about student insurances.

Referral by general practitioner (GP)

It is important to remember that, in the Netherlands, you should only go to a hospital if you are referred by your GP or if your medical complaint is so serious that it cannot be treated by your GP. Insurance companies will only pay for hospital visits if they governed by one of these categories. You will be expected to pay any costs incurred for visits not covered by these situations.

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