Combining your study program with your own business, top-level sports, or board experience

Tilburg University is proud of its students pursuing Dual Careers, such as entrepreneurs and student athletes. We want to support this group in the best way possible. We also recommend joining a student board and let your voice be heard in university-wide, School-specific, or program-specific matters.

What facilities are available for student entrepreneurs and athletes?

The university offers a number of special facilities for students with dual careers. These include extra guidance, financial support, and special educational arrangements.

Read the conditions on the Talent status page

How to get help with starting your own business

Can I have a say in what's going on at the university?

You certainly can. At the university level, you can participate in the University Council.

Can I have a direct influence on my own School or study program?

Yes, here too, you can. You can join the School Council, which only discusses topics relating to your own School.

If you want to have a say in your own study program, you can join the Program Committee. Every study program has one.

Is there any compensation available for students who are on a student board?

In some cases, you can apply for a board grant to compensate for any study delay you might incur as result of your activities for the board.