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Can I study foreign languages at the uni?

The Language Center of Tilburg University offers language courses for students and employees of the university. Interested parties from outside the university are also welcome in our courses. At the Language Center you can improve your academic skills in Dutch or English or learn a completely new language. You also came to the right place for various NT2 routes.

Who receives language vouchers?

All students who pay tuition fees at Tilburg University will receive language vouchers worth 12 ECTS when they register for the first time. This also applies to Exchange and pre-Master students. With these language vouchers you can take at least 2 language courses in a language of your choice. Courses are offered at different levels from beginner to more advanced.

Which courses can I take with my vouchers?

All voucher courses of the Language Center are listed on the website and in OSIRIS Student under course description

When can I register for language courses?

On the website Cashing in Language Vouchers you can find information about the registration period.

I don't have enough language vouchers. What can I do?

If you have used all your vouchers or you don't have enough vouchers left and you still want to take a language course, you have the option of paying for the course yourself. You can contact the Student Desk for information about registration for the courses.

Where can I check my voucher credit?

You can consult your voucher credit via OSIRIS Student.  

There isn’t any place and I want to sign up for the waiting list. How does it work?

Choose a group for which you want to be added to the waiting list. You can only sign up for one group per course on the waiting list. You will immediately see your position on the waiting list. No vouchers will be debited yet. You will receive an e-mail informing you that you have been placed on the waiting list. If a place becomes available, you will receive a notification that you can register within 24 hrs.

I want to change groups. Is that possible?

Before the end of the registration period, it is possible to change groups if there are still places available. You must unsubscribe from the language course and subscribe to the right group. Make sure that the other group still has places available.

After the course has started you should ask the teachers (current group and preferred group) if this is possible. The teacher will decide if switching groups is possible.