University library

How do I search for information in the library and other collections?

The University Library has an extensive collection both in the library itself and online.

How do I go about searching in the library collection?

The library offers a wealth of scholarly information. To get you started, there is a webpage that tells you where to find what kind of information.

Is it possible to access the library catalog off-campus?

Yes, the catalog is freely accessible. Access to certain material requires logging in with your Tilburg University account. You will be asked for this automatically when needed.

Our specialized databases can be accessed from home via EZproxy. Logging in is done with your Tilburg University account. For access, use the link All databasses A to Z.

Can I get help to find the information I need?

Self-Study modules

It is possible to check an online self-study modules for searching specialized databases.

Collection specialist

You can ask for support from a collection specialist specializing in searching for literature in a specific field. Please check out the page help searching for more info.

Do I need a card to use the library facilities?

Yes, you will use your University Card for this purpose.  The University card is a bank card-sized plastic card. The card has your picture, name, administration number and card number.  The University card allows you to identify yourself at Tilburg University. With this University Card:

  • You get access to the library.
  • You can borrow books from the library.
  • You can print at the printers in the library and elsewhere on campus.

You can pick up your University Card at the Library Desk on weekdays between 8:30 and 17:00 hrs. 

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