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Program a robot at Science Lab

Published: 19th November 2019 Last updated: 21st February 2020

Over 900 students are already taking DataCamp courses R, Python and SQL. In addition to these successful DataCamp courses, you can now also sign up for Science lab! At the Science Lab, there are several computers and robots available that you can use. This is not a class or course: You are completely free to experiment with these robots and try things out that you think are interesting. Science Lab is for all students, regardless of whether they have prior knowledge of programming or not.

Tilburg University wants to prepare its students optimally for the job market. Developing skills next to your studies is part of this, and one of these skills is the ability to program. All students are given the opportunity to learn how to do this. With programming skills becoming more and more important, having these skills may come in very handy in your future job.

Program a robot without prior knowledge

We have a robot from Lego Mindstorms at our disposal that has a wide range of different sensors.

science lab

To program this robot, you do not need to have any prior programming knowledge. It is great fun to learn to control a small robot in an intuitive way. While you are having fun doing this, you are actually intuitively learning how to program anything. You learn how to give a machine commands and you find out about the endless opportunities that you can create. This is a fun and practical way to put your mind to work!

Got some coding experience? Then program Raspberry Pi!

If you already have some coding experience, you can learn how to program one of the smallest and most widely used computers in the world, the Raspberry Pi. This very small computer is made to be programmed. There are some simple programming tools on it, but it also offers room for more complicated options. For the more difficult possibilities, some knowledge of Python is recommended, as this small computer was originally designed specifically for Python. The possibilities are endless: you can build a small robot, control an object or machine, or basically build anything you can think of in your imagination.

Come check out Science Lab

The Science Lab will generally be open twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 14.00 to 15.00 hrs., in L104. Just come by and try to work with a computer or a robot!

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