Programming in SQL, R and Python

If programming is not included as a standard component or course in your program, but you do want to learn it, then check out DataCamp first chance you get! This online learning environment features courses in R, Python and SQL. Every student can now learn to program in a user-friendly way, free of charge, and without any prior knowledge. You can start at any moment and take courses at you own pace.

Tilburg University wants to prepare its students optimally for the job market. Developing skills next to your studies is part of this, and one of these skills is the ability to program. All students are given the opportunity to learn how to do this. With programming skills becoming more and more important, having these at your disposal may come in very handy in your future job.

Registering for DataCamp

All students of Tilburg University can make use, free of charge, of all content on DataCamp. This learning environment specializes in training courses in modeling, data manipulation and programming skills in R, Python, and SQL. The platform includes more than 800 courses, and features more than 250 different instructors.

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Check the manual for creating an account online. 

Science Labs

In addition to taking the courses at DataCamp, we offer Science Labs. During these Labs you learn more about a specific programming skill. For example, one of the Labs was about Webscraping; automating interaction with websites in order to, for example, collect data. Interested in the Science Labs? All DataCamp participants will be informed about the Science Labs by e-mail.

Any questions?

If you encounter any problems, please check the Frequently Asked Questions. In addition, every month we offer an (online) introduction meeting in which we explain how to choose DataCamp courses that suit your programming skills and how to install the relevant software on your PC. There is also the possibility to drop by the desk in the University Library on Tuesdays between 11:00 and 14:00 hrs. You may also send an e-mail to