Students Tilburg University

Registration for courses and workshops by Academic Services

If you want to enroll in courses and workshops you need to meet certain requirements.

The requirements

  • You are a student at Tilburg University; or
  • You graduated within the last twelve months and you are still looking for your first job.
  • By means of the registration form you have given the university permission to debit your bank account for the amount of the registration fee.

Specific requirements

Some courses and workshops have specific requirements. For some workshops, for example, you need to hand in a letter of application beforehand, while other courses require you to do some preparatory work. Please remember this when you enroll.


For most courses and workshops, you will need to pay a contribution. A few are free of charge. You can find the exact cost in the information about the course or workshop which interests you.


Payment is only possible by means of a single authorization**. By way of the registration form you have given the university permission to charge your bank account for this amount. The amount will be debited subsequent to the training or workshop. One week prior to the start of the training or workshop will be decided whether the minimum of enrollment has been met or whether the event will be cancelled. The student will be informed of these matters, and in case of annulment, the participation fee will not be charged.

** If you want to pay differently because direct withdrawal is not possible, please inform the Student Desk in person. Here, you can be registered for the training/workshop and it provides the possibility to pay by card.

Attendance requirements

When you enroll for a training that takes place on several (parts of) days, you are obliged to take part in all of these sessions. This implies that when you are absent for the first session, it is not possible to take part in the remainder of the training. This also means that if you do not cancel in time (see Cancellation), the participation fee will be charged.

Maximum number of participants

For all courses and workshops, there is a maximum number of participants in a group. You can see what this maximum number is under the information for the course or workshop which interests you. For all these courses and workshops, only the allotted number of participants can be admitted. Once that maximum has been reached, no more participants can enroll. Places are given on a first come, first served basis, so please be prompt with your enrollment.


Have you enrolled for a course or workshop, but are not able to take it? You will only receive a refund if you meet the following requirements:

  • Cancellation should be reported at least one week before the beginning of the training or workshop.
  • Personal circumstances will be taken into consideration. (Determined by the Head of the Student Development). Please contact the service desk employee of the Student Desk.

If you report your absence for a course or workshop late, you are still required to pay the amount due in full.

You can register via the link at the web page of each specific workshop. After sending this form, you will be notified as soon as possible about your admission to the training or workshop.