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Choose your study abroad destinations

Find out where you can go on exchange to as a Tilburg University student, and what to take into account when choosing a destination.

All exchange destinations can be found in our Mobility Online Search Portal.

Go to our Study Abroad Online Search Portal

On the landing page, you need to enter your study program and academic year and semester of exchange. Please note that you are always required to select the study program you are registered for at Tilburg University during your exchange period. If you have any preferences regarding continents, countries, and/or study languages, you can enter those too. Then, be sure to click 'Show details' in the bottom left. The list of results that then appears are all of the destinations that you can choose from. 

For more information about the when to start researching destinations and preparing your application, please see Apply for exchange and await the results.


When searching for a suitable destination, we advise you to take into account the following pointers:

Set your budget

Do you live on a tight budget? It would be a shame to miss out on an international experience due to financial concerns. Why not consider a more affordable destination? There are plenty of ways to finance your stay, and expenses vary considerably from country to country. Day-to-day living in Milan (Italy) or Sao Paolo (Brazil) is considerably more expensive than life in Brno (Czech Republic) or Stellenbosch (South Africa).

Check the courses offered

Look up the courses the different universities of your interest have on offer and consider whether the courses offered meet your expectations. Some universities might offer interesting courses that are not available here in Tilburg and that will be a valuable addition to your study program. However, it could also be that the university of your choice does not offer courses that match your wishes nor your study program. Also take a close look at the university itself; it is important to look at the way of teaching, the specialism the university has or at certain professors who give lectures at the university. Make sure you check this before you apply!

To know what the credits and grades obtained abroad are worth at Tilburg University, you can check our page Return back to Tilburg where you can find conversion tables for all Schools and partner universities.

Read previous students' experience reports

Via the search portal, you can also read experience reports written by previous Tilburg University exchange students.  To find them, click the button below, then click the 'Experience Reports' tab in the top left of the page. In the reports, you can read all about not only the host university, but also more about the host country or region, and what it's like to live and study abroad.

Go to Experience Reports in our Online Search Portal

The experience reports are also archived in SurfDrive:

Go to Experience Reports in SurfDrive

Check any language requirements

If the language of instruction at the Partner University is Spanish, Italian, German, French or Portuguese, Tilburg University will require you to be proficient in that particular language. Most students brush up on their language skills by following course(s) at Tilburg University's Language Center, but other students choose to obtain these skills elsewhere. 

Furthermore, in some cases the partner university has certain language requirements and may require you to take an official TOEFL or IELTS test.

In any case, make sure to check the language requirements early and don't leave your preparations until the last minute. You can read more about language requirements here, and under the information per host university in the Search Portal.

Check for grants or scholarships

If you are selected for an exchange, you may be eligible to receive a grant or scholarship to help with the financial costs of living abroad. Your eligibility can depend on several factors such as your destination, your Tilburg University School, and your GPA. You can read more about scholarships and grants on the page Scholarships Exchange Program.

Get advice

The Study Abroad & Exchange Team is on hand to share their knowledge and experience with you and help you make your choice. Find their contact details on the page Study Abroad & Exchange Coordinators.