Studying abroad: broaden your horizon as a Tilburg University student

Application and selection process Study Abroad

For all students interested in an exchange we have created an action plan to inform you about the application and selection process at Tilburg University.

  1. Check your eligibility
  2. Choose 3 destinations
  3. Apply for your exchange
  4. Selection by Study Abroad and Exchange Coordinators

Application deadlines

If you would like to apply for an exchange, we ask you to keep in mind our application deadlines. We have 5 application deadlines per year. We require students to submit their application in Mobility Online by 11:00 hrs on the dates on our homepage. Late applications will NOT be considered with the exception of our September deadline, after which we can still accept applications on a rolling basis for remaining exchange spots until 1 October.

Please keep in mind that the availability of destinations decreases with each passing deadline, as spots are allocated to applicants. Students who apply during later deadlines will therefore face far less choice of destinations than students who apply during earlier deadlines.


Important notes:

  • For students submitting applications in subsequent deadlines after the first application deadline of the academic year,  you are advised to wait at least 6 weeks after the previous deadline has passed before searching for exchange options in the search portal and completing your application. Before this time, applications from the previous deadline may not be fully processed, and therefore the search portal will not give you an accurate overview of which destinations are still available.
  • You will still be able to log into Mobility Online after the deadline.
  • For administrative and legal reasons, you must be registered as a Tilburg University student at the time of applying and for the full period of your exchange, including pre-departure processes.
  • In normal circumstances, students who choose to withdraw from their exchange after initially accepting their place in Mobility Online have to pay a withdrawal fee of €100, and will not be permitted to apply for another exchange program in the same academic year as the original exchange. However, due to the ongoing uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation, the cancellation fee does not apply to students who withdraw from their 2021-22 academic year (so, Fall 2021 or Spring 2022) exchange. There may still be some outdated information referring to the withdrawal fee in Mobility Online texts, etc., but this can be ignored. The withdrawal fee will be reinstated for exchanges in the 2022-23 academic year.
  • Students who withdraw from their 2022-23 exchange will not be permitted to apply for another exchange program in the same academic year.