Studying abroad: broaden your horizon as a Tilburg University student

Step 4: Selection by Tilburg University

After each application deadline, the Study Abroad & Exchange Coordinators carry out the selection based on several criteria.

Application ranking

In a first step, all applicants will be ranked according to their weighted grade average. Starting with the highest average, applications will be assessed one after the other according to their ranking. Please note that having the highest weighted grade average does not automatically mean you will be selected for the first of your preferred destinations. Selection depends on the assessment of your application.

The GPA of all applicants will be requested directly from Tilburg University at the deadline. Any grades that are not (yet) on your transcript cannot be taken into account. Limited exceptions apply, e.g. for students whose grades are kept at a different university because of a joint degree program . If you think that Tilburg University does not have access to your most current GPA, please contact the Study Abroad & Exchange Team to receive an individual assessment.

For students who are applying to go on exchange in their Master program, we always use the GPA of the highest-level of study program that you have obtained grades in:

  • If you have obtained at least one grade in your Master program, we will use this as your GPA.
  • If you did, or are currently doing, a pre-Master, we will use the GPA of your pre-Master.
  • If your highest education is a Bachelor (i.e., you did not do a pre-Master and do not have grades from your Master), we will use the GPA of your Bachelor. If your Bachelor is not from Tilburg University, you will need to send a copy of your Bachelor grades transcript to

Assessment criteria

Academic assessment

The Study Abroad & Exchange Coordinator will check if you are able to follow the type of courses you indicated in your online application. It is very important for your study progress that you are allowed to follow relevant courses at the partner university. Sometimes the amount of available courses is too limited or the agreement Tilburg University has with a particular university or school does not permit you to follow your preferred type of courses.

Language requirements

If the language of instruction is Spanish, French, German, Italian or Portuguese, you are required to meet Tilburg University’s language requirements. We will assess if you will be able to meet this requirement before your departure.

Partner requirements

Some partner universities have their own application and nomination requirements, for example a minimum GPA average or an English language proficiency test (e.g. TOEFL or IELTS). The Study Abroad & Exchange Coordinator will screen if you meet this requirement.

What's next?

If you are rejected for the first time, then we ask you to apply again for our next deadline.

If you have applied twice and have been rejected for your top 3 choices both times, please contact the Study Abroad & Exchange office. We will look together with you to hopefully help you to find an alternative destination. This option is only applicable for students who have applied for 2 deadlines, and have been rejected because spots at the chosen universities were already full.

If you are selected for one of your destinations, find information on the next steps under Pre-departure Process Study Abroad.