Studying abroad: broaden your horizon as a Tilburg University student

ENGAGE.EU Online Exchange Initiative

Follow one or more online courses at renowned international partner universities while being able to complete your regular curriculum in Tilburg in spring 2022.


ENGAGE.EU is an alliance of leading European universities in business, economics, and the social sciences, which aims to provide European citizens with the set of skills and competencies needed to tackle major societal challenges. The ENGAGE.EU members are:

  • University of Mannheim | Mannheim, Germany
  • NHH Norwegian School of Economics | Bergen, Norway
  • LUISS Guido Carli | Rome, Italy
  • University of National and World Economy | Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Université Toulouse 1 Capitole | Toulouse, France
  • WU Vienna University of Economics and Business | Vienna, Austria
  • Tilburg University | Tilburg, the Netherlands

Follow courses online

Through the ENGAGE.EU Online Exchange Initiative, you can follow one or more online courses at renowned partner universities abroad while being able to also complete your regular curriculum in Tilburg.

The ENGAGE.EU Online Exchange Initiative will enable you to

  • follow stimulating courses on topics that may not be offered in your study program,
  • be part of virtual, international classrooms where you will exchange ideas with students from different countries, and
  • gain valuable experience in intercultural communication.

Participation in the ENGAGE.EU Online Exchange Initiative can be combined with a physical exchange later on, so it's the ideal setting to get to know a partner university or test out whether an full-semester exchange might be something for you. Following courses online may also be an alternative for you if health issues or personal obligations, such as a job or caring for a family member, make a physical exchange difficult for you to arrange.

Students may choose courses from several of the partners at the same time. As you create your course schedule for the spring semester, you will need to check that there is no scheduling conflict between your Tilburg University courses and the courses you follow through ENGAGE.EU partners.

Course offer & application

The application deadline to participate in online courses at any of the ENGAGE.EU partner universities this spring semester is December 15, 2021. You apply directly with the partner university where you would like to follow a course. You can apply to one or more partners at the same time.

For all courses offer and application process , please visit the factsheets and websites available on the ENGAGE.EU Online Exchange Initiative website

Spring 2022 course offers & application details

In general, there are no participation fees for the Online Exchange Initiative. Minor fees at the partner university, e.g. for course materials, will be listed by the partner.

Virtual mobility process

  1. Follow the application procedure of the ENGAGE.EU partner detailed on the respective factsheet or website. You can apply to follow courses at more than one partner at the same time. You will need to check for scheduling conflicts yourself once course schedules have been published.

  2. Before the online exchange: Ask for course approval at your School for the courses you want to follow as soon as you apply with an ENGAGE.EU partner to know if and how your results will be transferred to Tilburg. The Study Abroad Study Plans give you an idea which courses can be approved by your study program: TiSEM | TSB | TST | TLS | TSHD
    Please refer to your Education Coordinator with questions concerning your study program and the course approval. It is up to your School to decide how courses completed through the Online Exchange Initiative will be counted within your curriculum.

  3. Send a scan of completed course approval to The Study Abroad & Exchange Team will need the course approval information to initiate the credit conversion after you have completed the online exchange.

  4. During the exchange: Should you add a course or switch to a different course after your initial course approval, you need to ask for course approval again through the regular procedure to ensure that the course will be transferred to your Tilburg curriculum. Please remember to send through the new course approval again to Study Abroad & Exchange. Should you drop an ENGAGE course after registering for it, it's important to inform your host university ENGAGE contact person, the instructor of the course, as well as possible fellow students in working groups, etc.

  5. After the exchange: Once you have completed the course(s), the Study Abroad & Exchange Office will initiate your credit conversion based on the transcript from the partner university. Please make sure you provide a scan of the official transcript to if you receive it directly. Some universities also send it directly to the Study Abroad & Exchange Team. Please read about the conversion of credits and grades differing per School here.


The Tilburg University Study Abroad & Exchange Team is available to answer your questions. Please contact Ms. Anna Rathert at or +31 (0)13 - 466 2801.


Last update: November 25, 2021. We reserve the right to make changes.

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