Students Tilburg University

Application to the partner university

After the Study Abroad and Exchange Coordinator has nominated you to the partner university, you will receive information from the partner university about how to finalize your exchange application to the host institution.

All students will need to apply formally to the partner university. This is a necessary step. Please make sure to find out about the application procedure at the partner university, either through information you might receive from them, via the Study Abroad and Exchange Office of Tilburg University, or by looking it up yourself on their website.

All host universities have different application procedures. Generally, the following documents are requested:

Application form

Nearly all our partner universities have their own (online) application form. You will be asked to complete your contact details and, in some cases, also the contact details of your Study Abroad and Exchange coordinator.

Housing application

In most cases, you will be able to arrange accommodation via the partner university. Sometimes you can apply for housing via an (online) housing form. Sometimes you must contact the housing company directly to arrange housing.

Academic study plan

Often, during the application at the host institution, you will be asked to submit the courses that you would like to follow.

A transcript of records from your study in Tilburg

Our partner universities must decide if you can follow the courses that you wish to take. Therefore, they will ask for your transcript of records (grade list). Please go to the Student Desk (A301) to ask for a transcript of records for your current study program. Make sure to ask a Dutch and English version.

If you are a Master student, please also include your transcript of records from your previous studies, including a copy of your Bachelor diploma.

Proof of language proficiency

Some of our partner universities expect you to demonstrate your English language proficiency. Usually they will indicate on the application form what kind of certificate or language scores they require. If the Partner University requires you to take an official language test (for example TOEFL or IELTS), you will need to prepare for this well on time. Remember, it is your own responsibility to make sure that you know and fulfill the language requirements set by the Partner University.

If the language of instruction at the host institution is other than English, our language requirements apply.

Reference letter

A letter of recommendation by a professor/teacher/academic advisor may be requested by some partner universities.

It is very important to submit your documents on time, so make sure you know when the deadlines are!

Acceptance letter

After you have applied to the partner university, you will most likely receive an acceptance letter (or email). This might take a while, as the partner university needs ample time to review your application. It is important for the Study Abroad and Exchange Office to have confirmation that you are officially accepted at the host institution.

What's next?

Go to step 5 in the pre-departure process: Acceptance to the partner university and pre-departure preparations.