Students Tilburg University

Courses at the Partner University

Before you depart for your exchange destination, you will need to decide which courses you would like to take during your exchange period, and how these courses are going to fit into your study program here at Tilburg University. You will need to request official approval for the courses you have chosen at the partner university.

Credit Transfer

Would you like to know beforehand how many foreign credits equal 1 ECTS?

Check the upon return webpage

 You will find a conversion table used by Tilburg University. Please note that this table is subject to change and may not be applicable to your situation when you come back from your exchange. It is merely an indication!

School Procedures

Every School at Tilburg University has a specific Study Abroad Study Plan in place. Consider this information when applying for an exchange, but also when selecting your courses abroad and asking for course approval.

As the guidelines and procedures differ for every School, please make sure to contact your education coordinator on the rules about courses taken abroad. Direct questions about academics and your study progress in connection with your exchange to your education coordinator.

Course Approval

Students preparing to go abroad need to have their exchange courses approved by their respective Tilburg University School:

Students of How to ask for course approval


Find the course approval forms on the TSB course approval website.
TiSEM Ask for course approval via the TiSEM Student Form.
TLS Download the TLS course approval form and submit it via the contact form available on the Examination Board Law website.
TSHD Download the appropriate form for your study program from the TSHD Examination Board website and submit it to If the correct form is not included, please send a motivated request, stating your student number (SNR) and education to
TST The TST Examination Board processes your course approval. Ask your Education Coordinator to help you with the request for course approval. Include the following information for each selected course: course title, course outline, study level and year of course, credits expected,  and proposed course category, i.e. elective course, mandatory course or extra course.