Students Tilburg University

Selected for an exchange? Get ready!

Congratulations! You have been selected for an exchange at one of our partner universities.
Once you have been selected by Tilburg University for an exchange with a destination you have indicated in your application you will be informed of the selection by the Study Abroad and Exchange Team. You are now in the process of preparing for your exchange which includes several time-sensitive steps.

After you have received your selection e-mail, you will be asked to formally accept your place in the exchange program through your Mobility Online workflow. Please note that by accepting your place in the exchange program, you are committing yourself  to the destination. Not accepting the place you have been allocated to may negatively affect fellow student who could not be offered a place at that particular destination.

Once you have accepted your place, a pre-departure workflow will become available to you in Mobility Online. You will receive an e-mail from the Study Abroad and Exchange office when your workflow can be accessed.

Practical matters, such as arranging accommodation and estimating the cost of living, are something that every student will have to look into before going abroad. Other steps you need to take vary by destination. For instance, some destinations  require you to get vaccinations and to arrange a visa.

What's next?

Go to step 2 in the pre-departure process: Accept your placement in the exchange program.