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Spring 2022 Exchanges

The COVID-19 pandemic will still have an impact on students' plans to study abroad in Spring 2022. This page informs outgoing students selected for a Spring 2022 exchange about Tilburg University's exchange policy and ask students to choose their preferred scenario for the spring semester.

What is Tilburg University's exchange policy in Spring 2022?

Outgoing exchanges
During exchanges
Risk and liability for exchanges to 'orange' destinations
Scholarship information for Spring 2022 exchanges

Scenarios for your Spring semester 2022

Several scenarios, including continuing with your exchange, are listed below. Please keep in mind that not all scenarios are available to all students or at all times

After having read the information below carefully and having taken into consideration any information about your exchange provided by Tilburg University and the host university, please indicate your preferred scenario by Wednesday, December 1, 2021. You can do so via the link provided with each scenario.

Please submit the webform regardless of the current status of your exchange - still active, cancelled, or withdrawn from by you - and any previous communication you had with Tilburg University about your exchange plans.

1. Prepare for the exchange as planned
2. Follow courses online with the host university
3. Pursue a blended exchange with the host university
4. Follow courses at Tilburg University


Can I defer my Spring 2022 exchange to the next academic year 2022-23?
What are my options for another international experience?
I was planning to graduate at the end of the 2021-22 academic year. What does this mean for my exchange options?
Do I have to pay the cancellation fee if my exchange is cancelled or if I withdraw from it?
Is there anything known yet about the COVID-19 exchange policy for 2022/23?


  • All procedures and dates given on this web page and in communication by the Study Abroad and Exchange Team have been complied with the utmost care and attention. However, due to the pandemic, procedures and dates may change and information on this page may need to be updated. Students are asked to check for updates on this page regularly.

  • While the Study Abroad & Exchange Team is putting every effort in providing thorough information on this page, the eligibility and necessary arrangements for each scenario need to be assessed individually for each student. Not every scenario listed on this page is guaranteed to be available for every student. Study program-specific guidelines and personal factors as well as timing may have an impact on a student's option to pursue a specific scenario.