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Upon Return from Studying Abroad

Upon Return

Disclaimer for students going abroad in academic year 2020/2021: As the conversion tables have recently been  reviewed, we recommend you to check if the conversion rate has been changed for your host university. Please note that the changes made might have affected the conversion rate negatively. This means that you might have to do more courses abroad as previously considered, in order to obtain a certain amount of ECTS. Also please consider the fact that this information is updated to reflect the current credit and grading policy of our partner universities. Calculations retrieved from e.g. former students’ experience reports might be outdated.  

    When you return from your exchange, we hope you come back with a lot of great memories, new connections and insights for your studies and life. To round off your exchange, there are a few steps you need to complete. All requirements are mentioned in the student agreement you signed before leaving and may vary from person to person. Please have a look at your Mobility Online workflow and the Upon Return Instructions available for download in Mobility Online to see what you need to do. Here is a short overview:

    1. Upon Return Steps in Mobility Online
    2. Grade and Credit Conversion Process
    2.1. Grade and credit conversion for exchanges up until 2019/2020
    2.2. Grade and credit conversion for exchanges starting with 2020/2021
    3. Second Scholarship Payment
    4. Social & Promotional Opportunities