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Upon Return from Studying Abroad


When you return, there are certain requirements you need to meet. All requirements are mentioned in the student agreement you signed before leaving and may vary from person to person. For your convenience, you will receive a checklist with all actions you are required to take once you are back in the Netherlands.

Conversion of your grades and credits

The Study Abroad & Exchange Office will receive (either from you or the partner university directly) a transcript of records. Once they received your transcript, they will prepare a conversion letter. For TiSEM -, TLS - and TSB students, the obtained grades will be converted into a pass or a fail. For TSHD - and TST students, the grades will be converted into Tilburg University grades (please see the conversion tables below).

The responsible party within the Educational Support Team at your School will complement the conversion letter by indicating how your courses obtained abroad shall be incorporated into your Tilburg University curriculum. Please note, that only the courses which have been approved by this party before (and during) your exchange can be officially converted into your Tilburg University curriculum.

This table is applicable for exchange students from Tilburg School of Economics and Management, Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Tilburg Law School in academic year 2018 - 2019.

Conversion Grades and Credits TiSEM TLS TSB 2018 - 2019

author(s): Tilburg University

This table is applicable for exchange students from Tilburg School of Humanities & Tilburg School of Catholic Theology in academic year 2018 - 2019.

Please note that this is not the list of possible destinations for TST and TSH. You can find the possible exchange destinations on the destinations page.

Conversion Grades and Credits TSHD TST 2018 - 2019

author(s): Tilburg University

All the information provided in the conversion tables is for informational purposes only. Although every reasonable effort is made to present current and accurate information, Tilburg University cannot guarantee this. Tilburg University and Schools reserve the right to change this information or make amendments in the conversion table at any time and without prior notice.

Social & Promotional Issues

When you come back from your exchange you will be full of (travel) stories and enthusiasm about your adventures abroad. We believe that it is very good to share these memories with like-minded people. We therefore advise you to take part in these activities

Homecoming Event

At the end of your exchange semester, the Study Abroad & Exchange Team will organize a Homecoming Event. During this event you will share your experiences, meet other exchange students and re-integrate into Tilburg University life together. It’s a fun-packed day/evening with social, competitive and educational elements. You will be able to give valuable feedback about your exchange destination to your Study Abroad & Exchange Coordinator.

Please note that the Homecoming Event is an official part of your exchange program.

Promotional Activities

As ambassadors for the exchange program, we will ask you to tell your friends about the whole exchange experience and get involved in promotional activities to encourage other Tilburg University students to go on an exchange. The Study Abroad Week, Bachelor’s open days, exhibitions, information workshops, pre-departure sessions, presentations, class interviews and handing out flyers on campus are all opportunities for you to share your exchange experiences.

I*ESN Tilburg

I*ESN Tilburg is a student-led organization that was formed by a merger of the two former international organizations ICONN and ESN Tilburg on April 12th 2011. The organization offers support to our international degree and exchange students, helping them to integrate into university life, as well as providing a home for our internationally-minded Dutch students like you. If you are interested, you may decide to become a member of I*ESN Tilburg and make new international and Dutch friends. You could even become a mentor to your own group of international exchange students and use your knowledge of studying abroad to help other exchange students find their way in Tilburg and on campus.