Students Tilburg University

Internship abroad

An internship abroad offers you a chance to experience what working in a company in a different culture feels like. You will not only learn more about your field of study from a practical view, but you will also explore cultural differences and their impact on doing business internationally. On top of that you can broaden your network with international contacts, improve your language skills, discover your dream career and grow both personally and professionally!


An internship abroad is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd as you gain important work experience and make key contacts within your chosen industry and possibly work towards securing a graduate job once you have graduated. It should be noted, however, that internships can vary in scope and quality. It is therefore essential to plan your internship carefully before committing to it.

Skills and expertise

Gaining work experience will boost your CV skills and expertise, all essential for any student looking for paid work after they have graduated. You will not only enhance your knowledge and understanding of the job, but you will also have the added extra of having worked abroad. By speaking a foreign language every day, and in many different contexts, your confidence in the language will grow and you will broaden your vocabulary. Depending on where you want to work, and in which sector, getting an internship for a few months can really help your linguistic skills, confidence and employment skills, for university and later on in life.

Finally, working abroad will give you the ability to see things from a different perspective than your own culture.