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Financial Support Internship Abroad

Students applying for an internship (during or just after graduation) within the EU may be eligible to apply for an Erasmus+ Placement Grant. This grant is provided by the European Union in order to encourage EU students to gain international experience.

Please note: the information below applies only to those starting their internship before May 31, 2022. No Erasmus+ Placement Grants will be available for internships which start on or after June 1, 2022.

If you have already received an Erasmus+ grant for studying abroad, you will still be eligible for an Erasmus+ Grant for your internship. If you meet the below criteria, you may be eligible to apply for an Erasmus+ Grant.

Application Criteria for an Erasmus+ Placement Grant

  • You are registered as a full-time student at Tilburg University at the time of your application;
  • You have successfully completed your first year of (Bachelor) studies, if a Bachelor’s student;
  • You have not received an Erasmus+ grant for more than 12 months during your current phase of studies (BA/MA) before;
  • The internship lasts a minimum of two complete months and is full-time;
  • Your internship enterprise or institution is 'admissible', ie NOT a European institution or organization which manages EU projects
  • You are not in receipt of any other European Union grant or subsidy;
  • If still a student at the time of your internship, your internship forms part of your program of study at Tilburg University, and you receive ECTS credits for it;
  • Your School's internship coordinator (or academic director) has agreed to your application

Application Form and Procedure

The Erasmus+ Training Mobility Program is managed by TU Eindhoven's Reconfirm office. Please complete the application form on their website, and then get in touch with Reconfirm/TU Eindhoven. Your application must be signed by both your internship coordinator at TiU and the institutional coordinator for ERASMUS+. Note: applications for the new academic year open up every year in June/July.

A Traineeship after Graduation?

This is possible because the ERASMUS+ program offers possibilities for a traineeship elsewhere in Europe after graduation. More information can be found through this link. The link guides you to the TU/e, with whom we cooperate within the Consortium Reconfirm-TU/e for this purpose. 

NOTE! It is crucial that you show your possible interest during the last year of your studies, before graduation (the date on your diploma will be used). Showing your interest can be done very simply. Just send an e-mail to In case at a later stage a traineeship becomes definite you should send another e-mail to referring to your earlier email. Only then will the application procedure really start.

Other scholarships

There may be more scholarships that you can apply for. Please search the internet for other options.

  • A good site to start with is Beursopener.
  • StudyPortals is the European study-choice platform that brings transparency for students to the wealth of study opportunities in Europe's unifying Higher Education Market.
Erasmus Plus

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