EUCOTAX Wintercourse

The EUCOTAX Wintercourse is a program in the area of International Tax Law for 30 years now. Students and professors of 13 universities participate in this seminar. In 2023/2024 the topic will be 'Tax Reforms between Success and Failure: From the Past through the Present towards the Future'.

Information for Tilburg University students who want to apply

For whom?

For master students Tax Law, Tax Economics or International Business Taxation who search for an (international) challenge

What are you going to do?

You write a paper about the Dutch situation of an international Wintercourse topic. In 2023/2024 the topic will be 'Tax Reforms between Success and Failure: From the Past through the Present towards the Future'.  Six students research six different sub topics.

After that, you and your fellow Tilburg University students go to the University of Uppsala for a week where you, together with international students, do comparative tax law research and write a joint paper on base of the results.

On base of this joint paper, you write your Master thesis.

The 3 benefits of the EUCOTAX Wintercourse:

  • 18 ECTS for your Master thesis and 6 ECTS for your paper (core course).
  • Graduation in June 2023 with efficient supervision.
  • A publication of the joint paper written together with international students.

Why would I want to participate in the EUCOTAX Wintercourse?

  • Participation in the EUCOTAX Wntercourse means broadening your horizon, gaining international study and research experience and building your professional and social network.
  • It gives you the chance to write your thesis in an international environment with regular supervision of renowned professors in the tax field.
  • Also, you get valuable contacts at EY for your future and support during the writing process of both your paper and thesis.
  • Because you get assistance from the Tilburg Language center too, you get to improve your English skills.
Master thesis: 18 ECTS

EUCOTAX Wintercourse: 6 ECTS

2 countries
1 course



Tilburg University 


  • September 2023-March 2024: you follow workshops by professors of the Fiscal Institute Tilburg with five other students from Tilburg University and write your paper
  • 10 April 2024 – 17 April 2024: University of Tilburg, Netherlands: the Wintercourse seminar with workshops, conferences and team events
  • April 2024– June 2024: you write your Master thesis
  • June 2024: Master graduation

How to apply?

The application procedure for the Wintercourse program 2023/2024 is open!

Dutch students and International students IBT

Students can apply by sending their CV, their list of grades and a motivational letter to The application is based on a selection procedure - 6 students will be admitted to the course. 

The application procedure will close on the 22nd of September 2023. 

Master students in Tax Economics, Tax Law and International Business Taxation at Tilburg University are invited to apply for the EUCOTAX Wintercourse. Do you want to write your master thesis within the context of a comparative analysis, together with other international students and under the supervision of highly experienced (international) academics? This is the change to broaden your horizon, expand your network and ticket to a successful career in (international) taxation!

Our main sponsor EY 

EY offers our master students plenty of possibilities to get acquainted with the firm. You get assistance in the practical issues of your sub topic when writing your paper and Master thesis

More information on the EY internship

The fun thing about the Wintercourse is that you do not only discuss the legislation and regulation of countries and find the differences, but also talk to the students and professors of the other countries. You mingle and bond.

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