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EUCOTAX Wintercourse

This seminar in International Tax Law takes place each year. The subject area is 'The European Harmonization of Tax Law' and each year a different theme is explored and studied. ‘Neutrality and Business Taxation in a post BEPS/ATAD/Corona world' is the topic for next Wintercourse in 2021, taking place in Uppsala, Sweden. In this program, both students and researchers contribute. Therefore, this program provides both an intensive instructional part as a joint scientific publication by the researchers.

Participating universities

This intensive program of EUCOTAX (European Universities COoperating on TAXes) is based on the desire of the participating universities to set up a permanent structure in order to stimulate the instruction in and research on European aspects of Tax law.

Erasmus subvention

The EUCOTAX Wintercourse received an Erasmus subvention from the European Union in several editions. This certainly emphasizes the European dimension of the project.

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Program and Courses Eucotax Wintercourse

The main subject area of the program is the European Harmonization of Tax Law.


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EY Internship

EY sponsors the EUCOTAX Wintercourse program and offers master students in Tax Law and Tax Economics plenty of possibilities to get acquainted with the firm. More information about the EY internship.


The application procedure for the Wintercourse program 2020/2021 is open!

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