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Outreaching Honors Program

Society is changing at a fast pace. Processes of globalization and digitalization, increasingly pluralistic communities and a need for growing sustainability have penetrated all societal spheres and require us to face unprecedented ‘wicked problems’ that are resistant to resolution. The Outreaching Honors Program provide educational and experiential opportunities by offering you a number of ambitious modules, challenging you to reflect on yourself and to prepare you for a responsible role in future society.

Following a ‘learning by doing’-approach, you will develop and apply these skills:

  • Contribute to team dynamics
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Develop social entrepreneurship skills
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate
  • Effectively handle conflicts
  • Give back to society

Short overview of the Outreaching Honors Program

  • The modules revolve around three interrelated pillars: Leadership, Collaborative Interactions, and Social Entrepreneurship.
  • The Outreaching Honors Program is open to selected Tilburg University students of all study levels (after completion of the first year), nationalities, and study backgrounds.
  • The program has a duration of one academic year, with the option to apply for a second year of support with a specific project and team.
  • It is conducted entirely in English, and participants are required to possess an adequate command of the English language.
  • Spyridon Kontos

    Spyridon Kontos

    Outreaching Honors Program student

    Truly remarkable

    "I loved how we had the freedom to choose what we wanted to study in the ilab, and the professors were there for us every step of the way. It was an experience that allowed me to explore my interests while receiving great support from the School."

The program in detail

The Three Pillars

The modules revolve around three interrelated pillars that are aligned with the core values and objectives of the program:

  • Leadership: focusses on personal development of the individual (‘Me’)
  • Collaborative Interactions: touches upon the dynamics of peer groups and the immediate social environment (‘we’)
  • Social Entrepreneurship: seeks to treat the grand societal challenges in innovative ways, with a focus on the public good (‘WE’ writ large).
The Modular Set-Up

In order to allow you to build an individualized Outreaching profile, a wide array of different modules will be offered within the three pillars. Some of these are collective optional and others will be individual optional, providing participants with the opportunity to tailor the program to their particular skills, talents and interests. The exact number and content of the modules offered is adjusted in accordance with availability, feedback, potential added value for students, the Tilburg University profile and societal relevance.

The preliminary content for the semesters 2024/2025, to be complemented, includes:

  • Kick-off weekend on Friday, October 4th 2024 on campus.
  • SEARLs on: social entrepreneurship, collaborative interaction, and leadership
  • Self-Coaching program
  • Growing self-Awareness training
  • Gallup Strength finder
  • Studium Generale Certificate
  • Public Speaking Program (PSP)
  • Training Cross-Cultural Competences & Intercultural Communication
  • Internship as a module
  • Unipartners - projects
  • ENACTUS Projects
  • ............During  the whole  year more modules and ilabs will be offered and announced via Canvas


The Impact Labs (Ilabs)

The Ilabs form the heart of Outreaching, combining all three pillars in exciting and ambitious projects focused on application and valorization. In small groups of five to six students you will need to deploy the skills and knowledge gathered in other domains on a concrete case, assisted by experts from the University and external stakeholders, including alumni. 

The required effort and time frame varies per Ilabs and stretches maximum to one academic year. Deliverables vary depending on the type of project, but a product of high quality is expected for a pass.

In 2023/2024, the following Ilabs were offered :

New Ilabs will be announced -to Students who have been admitted to the program- via CANVAS.


The evaluation of students’ participation and performance occurs through various mechanisms. 

If you have successfully completed various components of the Outreaching program, amounting to (at least) 12 ECTS, you will receive a certificate of excellence, attesting to the modules undertaken and an edubadge.


Every motivated student of Tilburg University that has completed at least one year of studies at the start of the program is eligible to apply for Outreaching. 

The selection process is motivation driven. While exceptional academic performance may indicate determination, other factors such as societal engagement, extracurricular experience, and non-academic skills are of equal importance for selection. One particular focus will lie on the selection of a diverse group in terms of culture, nationalities, gender, age, study programs, study levels, and personalities.

The deadline for the application for the 24/25 program is September 8, 2024

  • Successful applicants will be contacted by September 10,  2024 and enrolled in our Canvas page.

Apply before September 8th by 

  1. filling out the application form, and 
  2. uploading your CV, and 
  3. uploading a short motivation (max 250 words) of why you want to join the Outreaching program.

Apply by filling out the registration form

Application for the 2024-2025 program

You can apply via this webpage before September 8, 2024.

Apply by filling out the registration form

Annemieke Thijssen

The Outreaching Honors Program allowed me to develop myself alongside my studies. I improved my organizational skills, writing skills and social skills.

Outreaching Honors Program student Annemieke Thijssen