Outreaching Honors Program Tilburg University

Outreaching Honors Program

Society is changing at a fast pace. Processes of globalization and digitalization, increasingly pluralistic communities and a need for growing sustainability have penetrated all societal spheres and require us to face unprecedented ‘wicked problems’ that are resistant to resolution. The Outreaching Honors Program provide educational and experiential opportunities by offering you a number of ambitious modules, challenging you to reflect on yourself and to prepare you for a responsible role in future society.

Following a ‘learning by doing’-approach, you will develop and apply these skills:

  • Contribute to team dynamics
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Develop social entrepreneurship skills
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate
  • Effectively handle conflicts
  • Give back to society

Short overview of the Outreaching Honors Program

  • The modules revolve around three interrelated pillars: Leadership, Collaborative Interactions, and Social Entrepreneurship.
  • The Outreaching Honors Program is open to selected Tilburg University students of all study levels (after completion of the first year), nationalities, and study backgrounds.
  • The program has a duration of one academic year, with the option to apply for a second year of support with a specific project and team.
  • It is conducted entirely in English, and participants are required to possess an adequate command of the English language.

The program in detail

The Three Pillars
The Impact Labs (Ilabs)
The Modular Set-Up