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Outreaching Honors Program

The Outreaching Honours program is currently undergoing a redesign in response to feedback and experiences of previous years. Admissions will only be open again for the academic year 2019/2020 after a one-year break.
The updated program revolves around three core topical pillars that are aligned with the core values and objectives of Outreaching: Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship and Collaborative Interactions. A variety of interactive, informative, and inspiring modules within these pillars allow participants to gain hands-on experience and develop important extracurricular skills, preparing them for a responsible role in future society.

Impact Labs (Ilabs)

The Ilabs form the heart of Outreaching, combining all three pillars in exciting and ambitious projects focussed on application. Small groups of five to six students will need to deploy the skills and knowledge gathered in other domains on a concrete case, assisted by experts from the University and external stakeholders, including alumni. These projects with clearly defined deliverables usually take place within one academic year.

Team Coaching

Over the course of the program, participants can benefit from intensive and professional team coaching, including personal coaching. Additionally, Ilabs are accompanied and coached by experienced alumni of the Outreaching program.

Social Entrepreneurship and Responsible Leadership (SEARL)

These interactive sessions on leadership topics are carried out by renowned experts and leaders, who share their experiences and engage in vivid discussions with the students. The next SEARLs will be taking place in March 2019; more information about this will follow soon. Any interested students are cordially invited to attend. Please contact in order to confirm your attendance.

International Business Negotiation and Summer School Social Entrepreneurship

In summer 2018, Outreaching offered interested students the opportunity to work on an international business case and negotiate cross-culturally, supervised by distinguished scholars from Herzlya University and Stanford University. In addition, a number of students were sponsored by Outreaching to attend the summer school on social entrepreneurship. Both activities received lots of positive feedback and were regarded as a great success by all parties involved.

The Outreaching Honours Program is open to selected Tilburg University students of all study levels (except for first-year students), nationalities, and study backgrounds. It has a duration of one academic year, with the option to apply for a second year of support with a specific project and team. The profile of the Outreaching student is: socially engaged, curious, open minded, keen to explore and develop his/her entrepreneurship spirit and leadership skills. The program is conducted entirely in English, and participants are required to possess an adequate command of the English language.

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