Students Tilburg University

Admission to the Top Class (TLS)

The Top Class has been developed for excellent students for all Law Bachelors and Fiscal Law.

To be eligible for the Top Class, you need to fit certain criteria.

Study results

To be admitted, you need to complete, within the first twelve months of your enrollment at TLS, 90% of first-year courses, and do so with an average grade of 7. This equals 54 ECTS of the maximum of 60 ECTS you can obtain in the first year.

If you meet this requirement, you will automatically be mailed an invitation to take part in the Top Class.


Besides the selection based on study results, interested students’ motivation will be assessed in an interview prior to being selected for the Top Class.

Besides your general knowledge and interest(s), the way you present yourself during the talk and the presentation will be assessed.

For the academic year 2022-2023, the selection interviews will take place in September of 2022.

What is expected of you

  • You are motivated, active in class, and curious
  • You are interested in looking beyond the boundaries of your own Bachelor program
  • You are enticed by a broad approach legal problems are approached from different legal fields.
  • You like debating with teachers and fellow students
  • You have command of the Dutch language

The Top Class courses are followed on top of the regular Bachelor courses. To successfully complete the program, you have to be both willing and able to invest extra time and energy.

Do you not meet the admission criteria?

The support committee assesses which students can participate in the Top Class and draws up the program in consultation with the involved TLS departments.

Students that because of private circumstances or force majeure do not meet the admission criteria, may in some cases be admitted into the Top Class by the support committee, depending on the reasons.

Do you think this applies to you, do not hesitate to contact the Top Class coordinator Friso Bostoen.