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Diversity for students

Cultural diversity has become an important issue for Tilburg University in recent years. The population of the university is becoming more international, and more ethnic minority students from the Netherlands are coming to study here. The university considers it important that the talents of all students are developed, and also that there should be more opportunities for students with a native Dutch background to mix with ethnic minority students.


Many ethnic minority students adhere to the typically Dutch motto "Just act normally, that's crazy enough!" They do not like to stand out from the crowd. However, it is no bad thing to adopt a higher profile and get all you can out of your time at university. Many faculties offer additional programs for excellent students. Ethnic minority students do not make much use of these programs, perhaps because they are unaware of them, or possibly out of modesty.

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Information for prospective students

The Communication & Marketing department provides information to secondary schools using students to give presentations at school information events, provide information at stands or give guided tours to school pupils. Here too, ethnic minority students are underrepresented. If you are looking for a part-time job (perhaps for a longer term) this may be something for you.

Information at Studentenpool.

Tutoring and counseling

Student life is not always easy. You may be the first person in your family to go to university, or you may not have much time because you have a part-time job. Or there may be other factors that could interfere with your studies, such as difficulties with your friends or family, or even traumatic experiences of war. It helps to be able to talk to someone about these things.  See tutoring and coaching.

Academic advice

Many ethnic minority students are the first members of their families to go on to higher education. They cannot rely on much support from their families, because they have no experience of what it means to be a student. The first year in particular is therefore an extra challenge. If you need advice on how you can study most effectively or how to plan your time, or if you have any questions about the organization of the university (subjects, timetables, exams) you can contact your education coordinator. Student Development organizes training and workshops on, for example, getting the most out of your time at university, study skills and much more.

Student associations

At Tilburg University there are a number of student associations that are concerned with cultural diversity on the campus. They also have a Facebook page that you can sign up to. More information.


A number of events, workshops and lectures are organized by the Center for Science and Values and Studium Generale every year. If you have a good idea for an event on the theme of diversity, please contact Studium Generale: your event might be eligible for financial support.