Students Tilburg University

Make room reservations for students

Students, study and student associations can make room reservations for meetings, study places, workshops and events.

Book a room

Students can book rooms using the Web Room Booking  (WRB) system. Make sure you are familiar with the rules below before sending a request to book a room.

Rules for booking rooms via WRB

  • Students and study/student associations etc. can use WRB to request a room for meetings, study places, workshops and events.
  • Rooms cannot be booked, honored or allocated for commercial purposes unless this is directly initiated from Tilburg University.
  • Requests for self study will automatically be cancelled. Read more information about student study places.
  • WRB cannot be used to request rooms for lectures/classes or examinations. We refer you to the timetabler responsible for your faculty for this purpose.
  • Rooms may be booked up to a maximum of 3 weeks in advance.
  • The WRB manager may relocate your booking to a room that is similar to the room requested. This will automatically be shown on your confirmation e-mail. It is therefore important to read it carefully!
  • All communications about room bookings are by e-mail only (
  • Rooms for graduation can be requested via the Student Desk. The student requests a room from the Student Desk together with the graduation form.
  • Cultural Garden (Cultuurtuin) and Blackbox bookings may be made longer than three weeks in advance. Bookings for these two rooms can be made by e-mail only ( E-mails must contain the following information:
    • Contact information, including name, telephone number, organization and room number.
    • An abbreviated name, telephone number, organization and room number.
    • A brief description of the planned event (conference, lecture, class, meeting, etc.).
    • Any additional facilities required, such as projector, microphone, whiteboard, number of tables or chairs, etc.
    • If you require facilities such as additional cleaning or security, please contact the Facility Service Desk or use Servicenet.
  • Additional points to note:
    • It is not permitted to exceed the maximum number of people relative to the room size;
    • all furniture must be replaced in its original position on leaving the room;
    • rules apply with regard to eating and/or drinking in lecture rooms (see room notices for details).

Any booking request that's not in line with the conditions as set out in the House Rules, will not be processed.

Off-campus access to the booking system

Changes of the process of booking a room outside the campus.

From now on it is only possible to request a room from outside the campus via the Webroombooking system with a VPN connection.

Check the VPN website