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Zwijsen building

The Zwijsen Building, the iconic building at the heart of Tilburg University campus, is the center for reflection and prayer. It encourages reflection and thus wants to contribute to deeper awareness. The diversity of visitors coming together generates special exchanges of views and ideas. The point of departure for the Zwijsen building is that every visitor should feel welcome and that the building breathes an ideologically neutral atmosphere: it is not devoted to one particular religion or denomination, but is open to students as well as staff from various cultural and religious backgrounds.

Zwijsen Building

image1 Zwijsengebouw2015

The Zwijsen Building opened on May 22nd, 1992. The building was thoroughly renovated in 2014. In his speech at the reopening in February 2015, President of the Executive Board Koen Becking quoted Martinus Cobbenhagen: "Its [i.e., the university’s] underlying principle is none other than that the philosophy of life that controls a person’s actions in every aspect of his life should also inspire the student in his years of training and thus make his studies an experience that form him fully as a human being.”

Basic premise is that the university is more than a place where academic knowledge and skills are developed. And that academic training involves more than just a transfer of knowledge. Understanding society, and subsequently helping to build this society, is at least as important. Reflection and debate by  students and staff is essential.

Multifunctional building

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Every day, students, staff members and visitors to the university come to the Zwijsen Building to take some time for themselves. The main hall on the ground floor offers visitors the opportunity to meditate or to pray, to read something, or just to sit in quiet contemplation.

In addition to a number of regular meetings, the building also accommodates a wide variety of conversation and discussion meetings organized by Academic Forum as well as by other departments and student organizations within the university. 

The foyer provides space to meet each other and have a conversation.

On the first floor there is a prayer room for muslim students and -employees to say their daily prayers.

For a survey of activities and meetings in the Zwijsen Building, see the Calendar (pdf):

In the main hall of the Zwijsen Building two artworks can be seen by Marc Mulders (painter, watercolorist, photographer, and stained-glass artist).

Visit the Zwijsen Building

You are most welcome to visit the Zwijsen Building.
The opening hours are:

  • every workday from 09:00 till 22:30  (9 am till 10.30 pm - free entry)
  • during weekends from 09:00 till 17:00 (9 am till 5 pm - entry by means of University card).

On weekdays, the building is free to visit throughout the day. For access at weekends with your University card you can obtain accreditation from Security (Vigilante Building).

The Zwijsen Building can also be visited online via Google Maps. It is possible to navigate the building online and view the layout.


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Students and staff members of the university can book the Zwijsen Building for meetings or activities they are staging. However, these meetings must be related to Tilburg University and concern subjects that contribute to greater awareness. Examples include themes such as ethics, philosophy, religion, meditation and forms of (personal) belief.

For reservations or more information, please contact Academic Forum (Anton Danen),, phone +31 (0)13- 466 3217.