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Peer-to-peer support group for students AD(H)D

Are you a student with AD(H)D? Get in contact with other students and learn from each others individual coping strategies. Every Tuesday from 9.30-10.30h and every Friday from 15.00-17.00h, there is a peer-to-peer support group for students with AD(H)D. In cooperation with studentpsychologist Margreet van Laarhoven and dean of students Daan Faasen, we are building a small group to get in contact with each other, to share experiences and to learn from each others individual coping strategies. Students from every program and year are welcome.  Join the group and check the Canvas page for the exact dates and locations for the scheduled meetings.

  • Do you experience problems with studying due to a lack of focus or concentration? 
  • Is it hard for you not to space out? 
  • Does your mind wander all the time?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and anxious that your work is not good enough?
  • Do you feel your work needs to be always 100% perfect, or you rather not do it at all?
  • Do you have issues starting a task even though you know how important it is?

What is a peer group and what do I need?

A peer group is a safe space and meeting point for people with similar issues they want to solve or learn how to cope with. Therefore, this group has no clear educational framework and is rather a room where you can be understood and learn from each other. Everyone is welcome to share their experiences and personal strategies. 

Students from all subjects regardless of the year of study are welcome. Please note that it is not necessary to be diagnosed with AD(H)D. We are convinced that everyone should be able to find support if they struggle with similar issues.

Information about the group 

Almost every Tuesday morning, in the Academia building, Room A18, there is the opportunity to meet your fellow students and exchange information and advice. In cooperation with a Studentpsychologist (Margreet van Laarhoven) and a Dean of Students (Daan Faasen), we are building a small group to get in contact with each other.

Furthermore, there are study together meetings taking place almost every Friday afternoon 15-17h in A18.

WhatsApp group and Canvas page

If you are interested but cannot join at the time mentioned, please sign up anyway, because there is also a WhatsApp group and a Canvas page in which a lot of information is shared.

To gain access or if you have any questions, you may get in contact with us and send an email to: