Taking an exam with TestVision

Tilburg University uses the TestVision software program for digital exams (e-assessment) on campus and online remote exams.

Prepare yourself for an exam in TestVision

It is important that you complete the following steps well in advance of the exam date so that you have time to solve any problems you may encounter and you can start the exam well-prepared.

  • Digital exam on campus

1. Register in time for the exam
2. Take a practice test
3. Read the TestVision INSTRUCTIONS for exams
4. Prepare for you on-campus exam
  • Online exam (remotely)

1. Register in time for the exam
2. Check if your hardware (laptop/computer) and internet connection meet the requirements
3. Take a practice test
4. Read the TestVision INSTRUCTIONS and regulations for exams
5. Prepare your workplace and yourself
6. Follow these tips during the exam
7. Be alert to these additional processes after the exam

Frequently Asked Questions

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