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The Tilburg School of Catholic Theology’s (TST) Examination Board is responsible for the organization and quality of examinations. It sets rules to promote the expedient progress of examinations, and takes measures whenever these rules are no longer sufficient or are not being observed.

The responsibilities and tasks of the Examination Board are defined in the Wet op het hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek (Higher Education and Research Act), in the School’s Education and Examination Regulations (OER: Onderwijs- en Examenreglement) and in the TST Examining Board Rules and Guidelines.

The Examination Board appoints examiners to conduct examinations and to award grades. Examiners will normally be appointed from among the instructors of a course. The Examining Board has the authority to set guidelines and instructions for examiners for the assessment of students’ examinations.

The Examination Board also examines applications from individual students, including:

  1. applications for exemption from one or more examinations (go to Osiris Zaak)
  2. applications for substitute or additional examinations, or for alternative forms of examination
  3. applications for exemption from participation in practical exercises
  4. applications for certain (including foreign) effectuations of the elective/minor courses or of courses Advanced Theological Studies (Master’s program)
  5. applications for permission to take a free (self-designed) study program or for substituting a compulsory course
  6. applications for transfer from an old to a new program
  7. applications for extension of the validity of examinations passed (including partial results)
  8. applications for admission to any part of the program before the admission requirements have been met or for extern students
  9. applications for the issuing of a statement of results/degree obtained

The Examination Board also acts as the School’s Admissions Board and is therefore responsible for admitting applicants to the Bachelor and (pre-) Master programs and for determining the required study programs. It has the authority to grant exemptions from admission requirements (for instance that of proficiency in the Dutch or English language) and is responsible for conducting the university entrance examination.

The prevention and punishment of fraud and plagiarism are also within the Examination Board’s remit. More information can be found in articles 13 and 14 of the TST Examining Board Rules and Guidelines and under Tilburg School of Catholic Theology and fraud and plagiarism.

Decisions of the Examination Board can be appealed to the Examination Appeals Board within six weeks after the date of the decision. 

Members Examination Board

Chair: Prof. M. (Marcel) Sarot

Secretary: Dr. J.D. (Jack) de Mooij

Other members:

  • Dr. O.G.M. (Olav) Boelens
  • Dr. J.M.M.G.F. (Jan) Van Wiele
  • Dr. T.S.M. (Theo) van der Zee (external member)


Secretary Examination Board
Postbus 80101
3508 TC Utrecht


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    It may happen that, in the information that you receive on the interim examinations or that you read on the website concerning registration for exams, different terms are used for the same things or arrangements referred to in the EERs or the Rules and Regulations of the Examination Board. However, this does not alter the spirit of the EERs or the Rules and Regulations.