Students Tilburg University

Members Examination Board Law School

The Examination Board is responsible for the organization and quality of examinations. Who are the members of the examination board of Tilburg Law School?

Chair: mr dr. C.M.K.C. Cuijpers   

Vice chair:  mr dr. S.M.H. Dusarduijn


  • dr. M.J.M. Geuens
  • prof. dr. R.A.J. van Gestel
  • mr dr. P. Jacobs  
  • prof. dr. F. Hendriks
  • mr dr. M.J. Hoogeveen
  • mr dr. N.T. Arnoldussen
  • dr. I. Graef
  • mr M. El Maach (extern lid) 
  • mr E. Meyboom (extern lid)

Secretary: mr J.A.C. Schlejen, mr A.M. Newman