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The Examination Board is responsible for the organization and quality of examinations. How can you submit your request?

How to submit requests

  • dealing with requests for exemption
  • dealing with requests for special facilities during interim examinations
  • dealing with other requests by students regarding their program of studies
  • dealing with requests for an extra opportunity to take an interim examination (article 15.4 bachelor EER / article 4.15 master EER):

A student who has successfully completed all but one of the interim examinations that count towards the examination, and who has failed the relevant interim examination twice, is entitled to one extra opportunity to take the interim examination, either in written or oral form, at the discretion of the examiner. At least one of the failed examinations has to be a 4 as a final result.  A student is not entitled to an additional interim examination opportunity in the period from two months before until one month after the conclusion of the regular interim examination.  

The right to an extra interim examination opportunity does not apply to the Moot Court (in all its manifestations), the internationalization course, the Bachelor’s assignment and the Professional Skills Lab.  

When it is clear that the course is the last course (which means the results of all the other courses are processed in the Study Results and the student has a written approval of the thesis) than the student can apply for this ‘last chance’ examination via the request form.

To submit requests, please use this form. Make sure to fill out all the necessary information and remember to add any evidence if required.

PLEASE NOTE: Requests/applications submitted by e-mail will not be taken into consideration!