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Examination Boards Social and Behavioral Sciences

The Tilburg school of Social and Behavioral Sciences (TSB) has two Examination Boards: the Examination Board Psychology and the Examination Board Social Sciences. The Examination Boards are responsible for the organization and quality of tests and examinations. Within that framework, the Examination Board handle individual requests from students and determine whether a student meets the conditions for obtaining a diploma.


The Examination Board establishes rules to promote proper conduct around - and during - examinations and the assessment thereof, and takes measures when these rules are inadequate or when the rules are not followed. The Examination Board can provide examiners with guidelines and instructions with regard to the assessment of a student and the student's performance in an examination.

The Examination Board performs its duties within the framework of the Education and Examination Regulations (EER) and the Rules & Guidelines of the Examination Boards.

It may happen that, in the Education and Examination Regulations (EER) or in the Rules & Guidelines of the Examination Boards, different terms are used than in the information that you receive on the examinations or that you read on the website concerning registration for examinations. However, this does not alter the spirit of the EERs or the Rules and Regulations.

Fraud and plagiarism

The Examination Board is the organ that must take action in case of fraud. At the central level, Tilburg University has established what is meant by fraud, how fraud can be prevented as much as possible and what the possible sanctions are. The Examination Board has the authority to set further rules regarding the taking of examinations to prevent fraud and to conduct investigations on its own initiative to establish fraud. The Examination Board also has the authority to determine what measures should be taken in the specific case of detected fraud. In the Rules and Guidelines of Examination Boards (article 13 and 15 Rules & Guidelines you can read what is meant by fraud and what procedure is followed.


The examination board is also the body that handles requests from individual students. These requests may include:

  1. Study Abroad
    Approval by the Examination Board is required for applying for optional subjects and minor courses abroad (form course approval),  applying to substitute a TSB course with a course abroad (form) or requesting a distance examination.
    Permission from the examination board is required for requesting elective and minor courses abroad (form course approval), requesting to substitute a course with a course at a foreign university (form substitute course) or requesting a remote examination.
  2. Applying for an exemption
    A request for an exemption can be submitted via Osiris Student.
    An exemption request must be accompanied - in addition to the completed form - by evidence of the material covered (e.g. course description, syllabus) and the results obtained (e.g. a certified grade list).
    Exemption requests must be submitted no later than the third week of the block in which the course is offered.
  3. Application for a free-choice education program
  4. Other requests regarding the study program
  5. Requesting for an additional opportunity to take an exam
    The Education and Examination Regulations (EER) and further detailed in the Rules & Guidelines set out the conditions for eligibility for an additional examination opportunity, will only be granted in the context of the last examination before graduating rule.

Submitting requests

  • Each request must include the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and student number (and /or registration number) of the applicant; without this information a request will not be processed. Anyone submitting a request should also state the reason for their request.
  • All requests (with the exception of exemptions) should be submitted by e-mail:
  • For the admission procedure (pre)master we refer you to the information on the website of the program concerned.
    For questions about the status of your application please contact:

A request to the Examination Board is dealt within six working weeks.