Studying for exams

Apply for exemptions for courses

To apply for an exemption, you can submit an application through OSIRIS Student. OSIRIS Case is and module within OSIRIS Student, where you as a student can start a process to submit an application.

Currently, you can submit two types of applications:  

  • You can submit one exemption request
  • Schedule an appointment with a student psychologist

You can track the progress of the process in OSIRIS Student.   

All requests now go through OSIRIS Student

Over the next few years, the number of types of requests through OSIRIS Student will expand.

Want to know how OSIRIS Case works?

Watch the knowledge clip on February 3, and you'll know how to start and track a case in OSIRIS.  

How to apply for an exemption for an exam?

Please read the School procedure that applies to you. 

Instruction video how to apply for an exam exemption