Studying for exams

Apply for exemptions Humanities and Digital Sciences

If you believe that you qualify for a course exemption on the basis of your previous education, you can submit a request to the Examination Board.

Apply for an exemption

Exemptions can only be requested in Osiris:

Submit here your request for exemption through Osiris Student

Please add the following documents to your request:

  • The results of the course on the basis of which exemption is requested by means of a copy of your diploma and a list of marks or a certified student track record.
  • The descriptions of the obtained courses from the study guide and a complete overview of the course literature (title, chapters and/or pages).
  • The total study load in hours and number of credits obtained for a course taken abroad if this is not specified in ECTS.
  • Other data that might be relevant for review of your request

Exemptions are only granted for the complete course. It is therefore not possible to be exempted from part of a course.

Multiple courses

If you wish to apply for multiple course exemptions, you need to submit a new request in Osiris for each course.

Student registration required

Please note: you can only apply for an exemption once you are enrolled as a student in your program at TSHD.

Rules on exemptions

For regulations regarding exemptions, please refer to the Education and Examination Regulations and the Regulations and Guidelines for the Bachelor's and Master's Programs of the School of Humanities and Digital Sciences. You can find these via the following link: Education and Examination Regulations (TER) Humanities and Digital Sciences | Tilburg University