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Apply for exemptions Social and Behavioral Sciences

As a rule, it is not possible to be exempted from courses, based on the previous education that was the basis for admission to one of the programs of the School.

More specifically, in principle, no exemption is granted on the basis of a pre-university education certificate (VWO) or a propaedeutic certificate of an HBO-institution. The same goes for students who have been admitted to one of the standardized pre-Master’s programs for University of Applied Sciences (HBO) graduates; these students will not be exempted from any course on the basis of their HBO-certificate. However, for students who were admitted on the basis of a propaedeutic certificate of an HBO-institution, exemption is sometimes possible for some skills-oriented courses.

Apply for exemption

You can apply for an exemption if you have successfully completed a comparable course in a Bachelor’s or Master’s program.

You need to enclose the following documents:

  •  proof that you have successfully completed one or more comparable courses;
  •  description of the course(s) in question and a review of the studied literature.  

A request for an exemption must be submitted to the Examination Board of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences by starting a case and filling out the form in OSIRIS Student.

It is not possible to submit several exemption requests via one case in OSIRIS Student. You need to start a new case per exemption request.

When assessing the exemption request, the content of the course you base your request on is important, as well as the time that has elapsed between the passing of the course and exemption request submission. Exemptions are granted only for complete courses. It is therefore not possible to be exempt from a part of a course.

To OSIRIS Student


A request for an exemption must be submitted ultimately in the third week of the block in which the course is being offered. In principle, you have to attend the lectures of the course until the Examination Board has decided to grant the exemption. For more information you can contact the Student Desk.