Online proctoring with Proctorio

Online proctoring is a way to remotely monitor the examinee’s behavior and detect irregularities during an exam. The purpose of online proctoring is, therefore, the same as the purpose of invigilation of an exam that is administered on campus: to detect irregularities and fraud. This guarantees the value of your diploma.

Tilburg University uses the Proctorio software for online invigilation. This tool offers various possibilities for detecting fraud. Tilburg University has carefully considered which possibilities will and which will not be used at our institution. The information you find about Proctorio on the internet may therefore differ from the way in which Tilburg University deploys Proctorio.

Tilburg University uses the following functionalities of Proctorio to detect irregularities during remote online examinations:

1. Proctorio verifies things prior to the exam

Proctorio performs a check to make sure that the internet connection, webcam, microphone, and screen recording are set up correctly.

Proctorio also checks whether your computer has sufficient freely available internal memory.

2. Proctorio takes photographs at the beginning of the exam

Proctorio asks you to keep your University Card in front of the webcam and saves one photo with the exam.

Proctorio also takes five photos of you, and automatically submits the best photo to the invigilator so that the invigilator can compare your University Card to your photo.

3. Proctorio locks during the exam

Proctorio may ask you to close all browser windows before you start the exam and will prevent you from opening new browser windows and tabs.

Proctorio will detect if a second screen is linked to your PC or laptop and will prevent you from taking the exam if a second screen is linked.

Other lock options that may be enabled for the exam include disabling the download functionality, clipboard (copy/paste) functionality, disabling the right-click functionality, and disabling the print functionality.

4. Proctorio makes recordings during the exam

During the exam, recordings will be made via your webcam, microphone, and screen.

In addition, you will be asked to use your webcam to show your workspace (desktop and viewing direction) to verify that you do not have any unauthorized tools at your disposal.

5. Proctorio analyses the recordings made after the exam

Proctorio uses analytical software to assess the recordings for possible irregularities.

Proctorio draws up a report per examination with indications of irregularities. These irregularities are checked manually afterwards and will be assessed by a Tilburg University proctor.

Proctorio is only used in the way described above by Tilburg University. This means among other things:

  • The student will not be watched by a proctor during the examination.
  • There will not be a 360-degree scan of the room where the student is taking the exam.
  • Proctorio does not make any decisions about possible irregularities or fraud.
  • Proctorio will not intervene during your examination.
  • Proctorio has no access to your browser history or the files on your computer. Proctorio is only active on your computer when you are taking a proctored exam. Apart from that, Proctorio does not make any recordings via your screen, webcam, or microphone.
  • Proctorio does not record any information if you are not taking part in a proctored exam.

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