Studying for exams

Regulation alternative exams Tilburg Law School repealed

As of September 1, 2019, the possibility to qualify for a replacement examination has been repealed.

If, due to special circumstances, you cannot or have not been able to take part in the examination opportunities offered, this will no longer entitle you to a replacement examination: that is why there are two examination opportunities per year. If you are unable to use one opportunity, you can take the other one. Special circumstances such as illness or sudden problems in the personal area no longer result in a replacement examination. Keep this in mind when planning your exams!

In order to invoke the hardship clause, there must be demonstrable, unforeseen circumstances, as a result of which the application of the aforementioned rule would lead to an unfairness of a predominant nature in the individual case. Please note that an appeal to the hardship clause will only be honored in very exceptional cases.

If there are special personal circumstances or if you have a chronic illness, you must adjust your study schedule. The study advisor/educational coordinator can help you with this.

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The regulation for the one-off extra opportunity (the "last subject regulation" pursuant to Article 15, paragraph 4, of the Bachelor EER or Article 4.15 of the Master EER) will continue to apply. You can use this form.

Studying abroad and examinations in Tilburg

Tilburg Law School considers it important that students study abroad for a semester without falling behind. Therefore, students who go on an exchange and are unable to take exams in Tilburg because of their studies abroad, may be eligible for a replacement exam for the missed opportunity. However, this does require that the student has taken part in all possible previous opportunities in the subject in question: at least a grade of a 4 must have been obtained at the last opportunity. Because the replacement opportunity is offered to students who have studied abroad in order to avoid possible delays, requests for replacement opportunities for examinations that have already been passed will be rejected.