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Bachelore degree and graduation

Bachelor and degree

Your degree (diploma) will be automatically printed when all your grades required for graduation are registered and processed by the Student Administration. You don't have to make a request for it, but you will receive a notification in your university e-mailbox with all information.

Check your results at any time.

All the grades need to be registered by the Student Administration at the latest 6 weeks before the joint graduation ceremony. If the ceremony takes place in September all grades need to be returned to the Student Administration before September 31.

Termination or renewal of your registration

The date you obtain your last compulsory subject is the date of graduation. If you decide to terminate your registration please check the website de-enrollment. If you wish to continue your registration please contact the Student Desk.

Graduation in July or August

The above does not apply if you graduate in July or August. Your registration will lapse on 31 August and you will automatically receive information about your re-enrollment  in the new academic year.

Ceremony on or after 1 September

You do not have to be registered as a student at the time of the degree presentation ceremony. Provided you have completed all graduation requirements (including a pass mark for the thesis) by 1 September, you can therefore terminate your registration (or allow it to lapse automatically), even if the ceremony is to be held in September or October.


If you don't have the possibility to come to the Student Desk, you can give anyone else authorization to pick up your diploma and grade lists. For giving authorization use the following form: authorization form.

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