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Graduation Day International Masters Tilburg Law School

Tilburg Law School organizes a graduation ceremony for the international programs.

For all information about the collective graduation ceremonies of Tilburg Law School Masters, please refer to the Canvas page of the relevant program. For the Dutch master programs there is no collective graduation ceremony.

If you are following one (or more) Master(s), you can participate in the graduation ceremony under the condition that you have completed all your compulsory courses and your thesis within five weeks before the graduation ceremony. This means that all grades must be visible in Osiris.

The registration form for the ceremony(s) will be shared via Canvas. You can register by sending the form in via no later than 5 working weeks before the ceremony.

In the unlikely event that you cannot attend the Graduation Day or have questions about the ceremony, please send an email to the contact person who organizes the ceremony for your program, or to